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     Welcoming you all back to our site as we begin to re-establish ourselves back into community with strong women ready to change their lives and be part  of the  change that is coming forth. It is time to support and heal our ourselves, our families, our communities and the planet. We invite you to visit our pages  on this site and leave a message if you would like. We look to hearing from you as we move forward with new projects this year. 

     Our intention is to begin the work of setting a space for women who are ready and committed this year to do the following:

    1. Create women circles in communities ready to commit to this work, which becomes part of a life and not a hobby.

    2. Provide lessons on building your own hand drum.

    3. Establish a healing circle for our Indigenous Women Veterans pilot project to address issues of post traumatic stress and other illnesses.

   4. Support our incarcerated brothers and sisters who are working on recovery.

   5. Engage women ready to unite to speak as one voice to help create change in the lives of women.

   6. With women being 51 percent of the population, we encourage you to support our Women's Manifest Destiny by sharing this vision of women with                     other women, and suggest ideas to grow in strength in our voices. 

                                          We invite you to visit our site and assist our work with your donations and other ways of support. 

Thanking Lyla June for allowing us to post this amazing message on our site.