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Buffalo Woman Sings

The Spirit of Buffalo Woman Sings was born on November 23, 2017  after being asleep for two years. A new spirit was called, allowing for the rebirth of this beautiful drum.  She is the core of what holds this women's group together in prayer, growth and building a healing community, and giving voice to the women. We are blessed to have her in our lives. She currently lives in Tuolumne with her drum keeper.



Tina Marler (Eastern Cherokee and Irish decent)

Drum Keeper

While practicing her spiritual and cultural heritages, Tina spends most of her spare time beading, weaving baskets, and growing herbs and medicine as a traditional healer. Tina feels very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to spend 5 years learning Native healing with Josephine Peters (Karuk Tribe) before she passed on, and Bill Wright (Cortina Tribe) for 15 years.

Tina’s love of drumming started at the early age of 8 when she started playing the kettle drums in the orchestra and had to stand on a milk crate to reach the drums. She then went on to play on a full drum set during her teenage rock phase and finally settled into playing traditional Native American drums in 1993. She has played with the Mankillers and the Hawk Feather drum and has been fortunate to have learned from Maggie Steele (Apache), Roy Render (Lakota), and Bruce Kay (Navaho). Tina has worked as a drug and alcohol counselor, and domestic counselor for United Indian Health Services in Arcata CA, Hupa Tribe, Yurok Tribe, Bear River Tribe, and as the Tribal Victim Assistance coordinator for all tribes in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. 

Tina currently works as a substance abuse counselor for the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Tribe and also provides outreach services to the Native population in the Tuolumne County Jail. Tina is very grateful to be a part of the Turtle Woman Rising and to have the opportunity to continue her healing journey with the drum and her sisters in promoting healing and balanced living for future generations.

Eli PaintedCrow (Yaqui/Maya)


Of the Yaqui and Maya People, Eli is an Army Iraq War Veteran. A mother of two veteran sons and a grandmother of 10,  Eli is an advocate for veterans and for the planet. She is committed to creating circles for women and supporting Indigenous peoples by making connections that strengthen our voices as we prepare for the changes of the planet and our government.

Betty Cardoza (Cherokee)

Drum Leader 

Of the Cherokee Nation, Betty works as substance abuse counselor for the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Indian Health Center. She lives in the small town of Tuolumne, California. Betty is married with two children and is committed to the work of answering the call the cries of Mother Earth. "I believe that women are sacred and it is an honor to be part of Turtle Women Rising." In her  free  time, she  rides her horses as a way of being close to the Mother. Betty has been called by the drum to help strengthen the healing of those she serves and build relationships in her community. 

Stephanie Beaver (Hupa)  

Born and raised on the Hupa Indian Reservation in Northern California, Stephanie is a member of the Hoopa Tribe. She is also of Yurok and Irish decent and currently lives in Tuolumne, CA. Stephanie is a counselor at Columbia College, where she works for student services programs for first-generation, low-income college students, and current/former foster youth. Stephanie has a passion for education and strives to help others. She loves being a mother to her daughter, Anabella, and enjoys many interests. She loves dancing, music, running, beading, writing and more.

Angie Valentine (Tieno)

Social Media Publisher 

Of Taino and Lakota heritage, Angie is a mother of two. She is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault with ten years of walking the Red Road. Currently employed at the Lakes Treatment Center as a residential advisor, Angie is attending school to become a drug and alcohol counselor. She currently serves on a panel for Native Women’s Traditional healing for domestic violence and sexual assault. "It is an honor to be a part of Turtle Women Rising and looking forward to the building of strong relationships and continue the healing process in this circle and our community, re-affirming the walk of Spirit in our lives as a Native Women."

Kelly Premeaux 

Logo Artist

Originally from the Bay Area, Kelly is now living in a small town in the Sierras near the Miwok Reservation. Being called to the drum after much meditation and desire for a closer connection to the Creator, her goal is to learn and understand the drum and its medicine to prepare for the transitions the planet is going through, and support the process with the hope of bringing people closer to their higher selves. 

Lunette Valentine (Lakota)

Lunette is a retired RN who worked at a Native American Health Clinic providing support, services and often a focus on diabetes wellness. As a single parent, she raised two children and two grandchildren. Being new to the drum has provided a new experience and voice to her walk. "I believe we find and strengthen our voice with the heartbeat of the drum.  This connection has the power to lead toward peaceful action for ourselves, families and communities."

Carla Woody has been guiding individuals and groups for 25+ years, focusing in the areas of life direction, relationships, conflict resolution, spirituality and holistic health. She is the founder of Kenosis LLC, an organization based in Prescott, Arizona, supporting human potential since 1999 through life enhancement coaching, retreats and spiritual travel programs working with Indigenous leaders and healers in the US, Mexico, Central and South America. Carla is certified as an advanced practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) special applications to health hypnotherapist, family mediator, and Brainsweep interventions coach. In 2007 she founded Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to help preserve Indigenous traditions threatened with decimation.

Janet Harvey has worked for 23 years as a custody mediator in the public and private sectors, and as a night chaplain (nondenominational) in a major trauma center, in western North Carolina. This background provides her with long experience and insight into the human condition, from birth to death and all the joys and tragedies in between. She has the gift of working with people from all walks of life, ages, origins, economic status and orientation. For years she was a convener of the Family Violence Prevention Task Force,  and assisted in creating the Family Visitation Center for supervised visitation. She has presented her workshop “Standing in the Fire” on the effects of trauma to helping professionals and lay people nationally. Janet is trained in Brainsweep interventions and is an associate of Kenosis.