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Turtle Women Rising shares an alliance and purpose with the work of the International Council of Thirteen

Indigenous  Grandmothers. We invite your participation to take action with us on site or at your home place

consciously connecting the web of all life. We are a drum group led by Indigenous Women. We invite people of all

nations who hear the call to join us as we reweave the web bringing the remembrance of our warrior and their ways.

We Welcome our military service members past and present, and their families into this community The gathering

site hosted people from all walks of life, as all were touched, by the feelings of PEACE, goodness, and positive energy

that filled the air. The entire gathering was well received, and highly regarded by all those who attended

The Center for Sacred Studies (CSS who brought together the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

are excited to support our efforts in our  Stand for Peace, and our Honoring of military personnel who are still serving

along with our Women and Men Veterans this year in Washington D.C. At Turtle Women Rising 2008, the

Grandmothers graced the crowd with their wisdom, humor, ritual, and beauty.



The Grandmothers

We have been Honored to have The International

Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers with us in 2008

and in 2010. We hope to continue building our

relationship as we work towards peace and pray for the

earth's healing and our spirit's to return to wholeness

and wellness. 



Our 501C3 Fiscal Agent is the Center for Sacred Studies and all our work is supported by donations. Turtle Women

Rising is an all volunteer organization. For more information on the Center for Sacred Studies please go to:




 In 2010 TWR and the Prayer Vigil for the Earth worked in collaboration,  raising

 the vibrations to strengthen the vision for Peace.



 Prayer Vigil for the Earth




The Prayer Vigil for the Earth is a seamless tapestry of many traditions woven into a living prayer through

collective experiences of faith. The Prayer Vigil for the Earth was founded in 1993 under the leadership of

Grandfather Harry F. Byrd (Lakota Nation), Sharon Franquemont, Betsy Stang and David Berry. All faiths were

invited as partners and encouraged to express their own traditions at the Vigil.


The Vigil is an invitation to all peoples to gather, to pray for harmony with the natural world, peace among

communities,and the well-being of all creation. We create a community where people of diverse faiths, cultures,

backgrounds and ages come together to practice peace with self, peace with others, and peace with the Earth with

One Mind, One Voice, One Heart and One Prayer.


The host tradition is Native American, joined by spiritual leaders and representatives from major faiths, spiritual

belief sand anyone who wants to be part of this magical, exhilarating and peaceful experience. Each year, a sacred

fire burns continuously in the center of a circle of tipis, African and Christian alters, a Jewish sukkah, a Tibetan stupa

and other religious traditions' symbols.


There is a labyrinth, a Prayer Grove, a children's activity area and other offerings. Since its founding, the Vigil has

grown tremendously, attracting hundreds of volunteers who work on all aspects of the event. For more

information please go

Thank you for helping us bring TWR to Olympia WA

(All donations are tax deductible)