Intergenerational Trauma: A story untold until now, please. share with others

  The story of the boarding schools and the affect is has on a nation of people that lingers on to this day. 


The Original Vision of Turtle Women Rising of 2007

               We are Turtle Women Rising standing up for Peace

We are a ceremonial drum collective founded and led by Indigenous women.

We are committed to praying and playing well together for the return of peace

and harmony to our Madre Tierra/ Mother Earth. All are welcome, all traditions,

and all nations.  Individually and collectively, we vision women stepping up as

guardians of the elements, and of the Sacred Fire. We vision women returning

to the drum, to listen to and strengthen the heartbeat of our Mother Earth

with the vibrations of peace.

We vision our elders, men and children supporting this important work with

their presence, energy and prayers as we come together in community to build

a resonating healing vibration into our lives. We invite everyone to actively engage in

this peacemaking through the heartbeat of the ceremonial drum, for the drum is

a way for Spirit to speak to our hearts. Every living thing has a vibration, a heartbeat.

This vibration has the power to heal, to transform and raise consciousness, heal our

hearts, activate our bodies, and feed our spirit. Feeling the vibrations from

the drums, our voices and our gentle footsteps,  we acknowledge our ancestors

and the spirits residing with the other earth. We invite you to visit, participate, and or

donate towards this Stand For Peace.

Turtle Women Rising shares an alliance and purpose with the work of the

International Council of Thirteen indigenous grandmothers. We are honored to

welcome the Grandmothers to our semi-annual gatherings in D.C. to join us in

this prayer work. Together, we call on people of all nations to join in reweaving

the web, bringing the remembrance of our warriors and their ways. With the

blessings of the Grandmothers, we undertake an important part of the vision of one

of our founders, Eli PaintedCrow (Retired, US Army): the honoring of our warriors

and inviting them back into community. We embrace them and their families with

open arms, providing a place to begin the healing process of calling their spirits  back

from the journey they have undertaken. We invite your participation to take action

with us during our gatherings and always, from your homes, with your families and

your communities to consciously connect the web of all life.



One Million Drums for Peace


Turtle Women Rising’s vision of a million dollars for peace is in its beginning stages of

building momentum for the 2016 vision of a worldwide million dollars for peace. This

year Turtle Women Rising has a few things going on this year and if you have time to take

part of what we are doing we invite you to donate some time to building this momentum

of peace and awakening those who are still asleep with the heartbeat of the drum. The

drum is one way to unite people on many levels as it synchronizes the heartbeats of all

involved. It is universal language, as all people on the planet possess a drum in their

culture and in their hearts.

We invite you to be part of this gathering and to help us send the message out into the

universe inviting all to be part of this vision in healing the planet and healing ourselves.

Turtle Women Rising is committed to its original vision of creating one million drums for

peace action. We understand that that we do nothing alone and invite you to be part of

this ambitious vision of raising the vibration of the planet to help her heal and help us

come together.

Please stay in touch with on our group sign up .

If you can spend some time and spread the message, please tell us what you are doing for

peace. Help us spread the word that we need a million drummers around the world in

October 7th thru the 10th in 2016. Location to be determined. We are also in need of

financial support for this endeavor. We will be doing several fundraisers to help water

the seed we are planting for peace. If you can donate, please do so. Any type of support is

very much welcomed please let us know how you can help. Please visit our website often

for updates as well.

We are in the process of developing this plan as it unfolds before us. It is our hope that we

are able to view the drummers via internet as we show our connections to raise the

vibration of the planet. Hearing from many walks of life the importance of vibration as

part of living from many teachings I have received. I am fully aware of the importance

vibration has on the planet. I am also aware that we do nothing alone and so you

participating is vital. 

Please consider connecting with us to offer you support. We imagine Peace; we can create

the space for change in a very powerful way without a fight.  History says change done

successfully were without a fight; it has been done as a stand for change. That has not

to say violence did not happen, it’s to say that is what is expected of us and when we don't

comply they cannot combat peace and win. Help us gather one million people to say yes

to peace to say yes to help us move forward.


Help us be that change.

Many Blessings






"You cannot fight for peace you can only become it." 


"You cannot demand peace you can only live it."




                                 The Vision of Peace for the Planet




We gather with our sisters

and brothers for the


the four hoops of life:



Our families

Our communities

Our Mother Earth


Thanking Bill Sandra from

the Prayer Vigal for their

offers of the beautiful


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