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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some things that you may wish to bring with you to Turtle Women Rising


  •  A drum, shaker, or other percussion instrument
  • Sage, Cedar, Tobacco, Cornmeal

  • Food for yourself and to share

  • Several changes of warm, comfortable clothing (layering is good)

  • Water and water bottle to refill
  • Sleeping bag if required by the place you are staying
  • Any prescription medications you will need 
  • Something to give away to someone special that you meet at the Gathering
  • Flashlight/lantern for nighttime navigation
  • Blankets to sit on
  • Sun protection, i.e., sunscreen or hat
  • Rain Coat, or umbrella




Portable bathroom facilities, including disabled access bathrooms, will be on site.


Is this an Anti-War gathering?

No it is not. We take a stand forward in the idea that peace is in it's moment of creation at anytime. Our drumming

serves as the intention of raising that vibration of peace on our planet, and peace within our hearts. We ask that you

refrain from wearing any clothing or bring any signs that



Why the drum?

Every culture on our planet has its own drum, and the drum is the heartbeat that brings us all together. Before there

were words, there was a drum. It is a universal language as old as humanity itself. The drum has always been used to

bring people together and to raise our spiritual consciousness. It is the spiritual language that calls forth healing and

unity, which is our birthright.



What kind of drum should I bring?

All drums, from all cultures, are welcome. Bring a drum that speaks to you and through you. Bring a drum that you

can carry and care for while you are at the Gathering.



I don’t know how to drum. Is there a place for me at this gathering?

Yes there is a place for you at the gathering. Everyone is welcome, and you do not have to know how to play a

drum. When we listen to the heartbeat, we remember what we have forgotten. TWR invites you to participate


in a life changing process.


What do you mean by prayer or drum prayer?

A thought for healing and unity can be considered a prayer. Songs are prayers. Music is a prayer. The drum

has the power to enlarge our vibrations of good thoughts into the universe to manifest what we wish

to create. Thoughts become theings. What you speak becomes what you do. Whar you do becomes a part

of you and creates your character. Your character becomes your destiney. It is with our thoughts, songs

and intentions that we wish to manifest a destiny of Peace and Healing. Our prayer will be through the

drum. We may ask elders to offer our morning prayers as well.



Where can I stay while I’m there?

Each person is responsible for her/his housing during the Gathering. We will help by putting up a list of Hotels

on the website, and we encourage you to join our Facebook Group to offer or request hospitality in Olympia

Washington State.


I am not of Native American Heritage, is it appropriate for me to attend?

This is a vision by and is led by women of Native American heritage. The drum prayers of all peoples are needed to

heal the wounds of the Earth and the peaceful, respectful presence of all is welcome at this gathering.




Is this a "women's only" gathering?

No it is not. Turtle Women Rising is a gathering of, and for all people. This gathering was envision, and is being

led by indigenous women. All people are welcome. The drum prayers of all people, men and women, elders and

children are needed to help restore balance