Thank you for making a stand with us in this

prayer of honoring those who have served.


We invite you to contact our team leaders for

more information.


Join our yahoo groups connect with others

for travel,lodging and making new friends.



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Turtle Women Rising is a Collective of Women instigating Peace. We consciously come together

and contribute our energies to birth "A New Way". Help us raise the vibrations and manifest Peace.

Below is a list of team leaders to help you connect with the person or people who will weave you into

this project. We want to speak a special thanks to our brothers, sons, fathers, and grandfathers. We

acknowledge you and welcome the support of all people, thank you for helping us bring this dream

to life. We ask that  you register on our "The Gathering" page and contact us if you have questions.



Elders of all Nations


We formally invite elders of all nations to join us in strengthening this prayer. TWR is There is space to share your

words with others to offer teachings, or sit as caretaker of talking circles; we invite your wisdom and 

knowledge to this gathering. If you cannot be with us, and are willing to hold a "drum gathering" at your

location  we would like to acknowledge this connection and d invite conversation to help nurture the seeds of



Elders Contact: Deborah Guerrero



We invite you to help make this gathering happen with us! From logistics to ceremony, from set up and take

down, to sharing the vision, our organization is woven together by volunteer support and donations.

Thank you for helping us



Ceremonial Drum and Drummer Support

Drummers of all nations, and Keepers of the heartbeat, we ask for your support and your connection to help

nurture the seeds of Peace. We ask you to help us raise the vibration of hope for the future in this Stand for

Peace. TWR respectfully invites your

presence to tend the heartbeat, as songs, prayers, and drums are offered for Mother Earth. If you cannot be with

us in Olympia and

are willing to hold a circle in solidarity at your location, we would like to acknowledge this connection and we

invite conversation.


Drum and Drummers Contact Michelle Zamora



We encourage Veterans, their families and Veteran organizations to join us . Come and be part of the healing, for

yourself, your

family, or organization, and your comrades. The Stand for Peace is a place that holds the Warrior as a protector of

 life. TWR honors

the service of all Vets, and we "Welcome You Home". We ask our Veterans to participate in this Stand for Peace as

Peace Guardians

of the circle and maintain safety and harmony as we pray, sing, dance, cry, laugh, and heal. . If you would like to

volunteer in some

other way please let us know. You are invited bring members of your organization to volunteer as well. It is not a

 requirement to

have served in the military to volunteer as a Peace guardian. We just want to extend this invitation to those who

 have served to

defend this country and offer an opportunity to protect the people and the land and redefine the role of a



Veterans Contact - Eli PaintedCrow


Storytelling and Spoken Word Offerings

Story tellers and poets, elders and youth, come share your words with the community. Traditions are born and live through the

spoken word. Help us continue the traditions of the teaching stories and create new traditions for the future generations, by

sharing the way you weave words into images, and images into renewal.


Storytellers Contact -


Movement and Dance Offering

The Mother loves our sacred dance and she feels our vibration of Love and Laughter as we move in unity. Bring

your passion of

ceremonial dance and movement by expressing your joy and gratitude to nurture the light and love within us all.


Dancers Contact -


Sponsorships and Donations

We appreciate your sponsorship and donations towards this Stand for Peace with TWR. By sponsoring TWR

and making donations, you help us carry our drum and the women who tend the heartbeat in our travels and

support of the International Council of  Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.


Thank you for supporting us by making:

· Financial Donations

· In-kind Donations

· Fundraisers

· Donate your Crafts and Artwork to our store

· Make a purchase from our Store (opening soon)

· Sponsoring a TWR member

· Donate Airline miles

All donations are Tax Deductible through our Fiscal Agent, the Center for Sacred

Studies (CSS). Turtle Women Rising's mailing address is: P.O. Box 537 Merced Ca

95341 phone/Fax :


Thank you for your support