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Summer 2018 Gathering

Walking in Your Spiritual Authority: 

An Indigenous Remembering for Healing

August 2-5, 2018 in Twin Harte, CA

A Sharing of Medicine with Turtle Women Rising and Kenosis for Indigenous Women Veterans. You are invited to take part and help us create the first of many such gatherings to come.


Greetings Relatives,

Welcoming you to our thread on this web of life that joins us all. We’re offering you an available space to participate in Walking in Your Spiritual Authority. In this gathering for ten Indigenous women veterans, we intend to generate an energy of healing to those who hold up our families, communities and our Mother Earth.

As the voices of women begin to grow throughout this nation, it is clear that a place for Indigenous women is needed. We women continuously work to improve the wellbeing of others, keeping us too busy sometimes to care for ourselves until faced with sickness, exhaustion and other ailments.

With the uncertainty of healthcare and the effects these unstable times bring to us, we come together to offer a healing process to use on many levels and bring about balance. This is so we steadily maintain the daily walk of our spiritual practice on the Red Road.

We find ourselves looking for ways to move forward without the use of too many medications and reject therapies that prove unsuccessful in many of our communities.

We understand the intergenerational trauma existing in our blood lines and how it affects the many parts of our present-day existence. It’s no wonder many of our people hold anger, with post-traumatic stress and illness from modern-day foods and altered lifestyle. We know that change is necessary. But we also realize the simpler the methods the easier it is to incorporate into our busy lives.


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Kenosis offers a method that clears the brain
and promotes healing for the body.

A set of simple, safe techniques called Brainsweep drastically reduce or eliminate symptoms associated with PTSD and other traumas. Working with the brain, these interventions interrupt triggers and dissipate automatic responses to stressors. Easy to learn, they’re meant to be self-administered whenever needed.

There’s no need to disclose personal history, and healing results are experienced without medication or therapy.

When misguided, automatic fight-or-flight responses ⎯ emotional or physical ⎯ no longer occur, it paves the way for clarity, empowered choices and a meaningful life.


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Turtle Women Rising offers the medicine of the drum.

We share these medicine ways for healing supported by the voice (her heartbeat) of the Mother Earth, who speaks to us through the drum. Our prayer/songs connect with Her heartbeat and raises vibrations throughout our body.  Opening of our hearts and connecting to the spirit of each sister around the circle. An experience hard to explain, it can only be felt by the participant.

This process awakens the spirit, opens the heart and raises us up. It supports us in becoming more effective in moving toward our life purpose. Now is our time to stand for ourselves with tools that allow us to respond and walk in a balanced way. When we heal ourselves we also heal our lineage, allowing us to continue the path they left undone.

No one can do this for us. When we take personal responsibility for all four aspects of our wellness, we move forward to build a loving community and confidently hold the heart of our journey…realigning the value of self, family, service to community and Mother Earth. We return to our own personal Truths.

The patriarchal practices historically imposed upon us delivered deep injury for hundreds of years. It is now ready to be released and replaced by those of us willing to stand up and claim our lives. Our power rests in our choices. Unity brings strength, wisdom, grounding and spiritual growth. Most importantly, community-building among women strengthens the four hoops of life: the welfare of the planet all our relatives and makes way for the next 7 generations.


Science is finally catching up.

Science is just now catching up with what we Indigenous peoples have always known. Drumming elevates moods, intervenes with the use of numbing agents and guides us back to ourselves. With this life-changing experience that touches our core being, the Awakening happens.

Together we bring three days of laughter, learning, sharing and celebration.

Each sister leaves this gathering with a drum you personally construct as medicine to maintain balance and health. Brainsweep interventions will sustain your walk and help you continue the work our ancestors left undone.

No cost to 10 participants, to include gathering, materials, lodging, food, travel and follow-up. To apply for a sponsored space, download the application here. Deadline extended for application to July 1, 2018. Indigenous women veteran applicants for this year's gathering must live in California.

Kenosis Spirit Keepers is the fiscal sponsor for Turtle Women Rising. Donations are recognized as a charitable contribution by the State of Arizona, and by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3).

Donate here under Turtle Women Rising fiscal sponsorship. We thank you for supporting our Veterans.



Our Vision


This gathering is based on research and personal practice of techniques that clear the body, mind and spirit of harmful influences and support health and wellbeing. We share these practices we use ourselves and with others. After the gathering, we would like for you to stay in touch and ask us you to help us learn if this practice works for your in the same way it has worked for others. With your help in sharing your experience we can share with others as a means to change how we care for ourselves and maybe use less medications that impact our bodies.   

We share these practices we use ourselves and with others. After the event, we will conduct an evaluation using assessment tools to determine the ongoing effect on the women who take part. From this process, we will make any useful changes to include in future gatherings for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Our intent:

  • Recognize a next step towards healing ourselves;

  • Actively heal historical traumas of violence and acts of an unspoken genocide;

  • Work through the four hoops of life to help us better support family, community and Turtle Island;

  • Plant seeds of wellness, responsibility, accountability and remembering of community strengths and practices;

  • Create a sacred circle for the heart and spirit to come together with the medicine of the drum, the voice of the Mother;

  • Reclaim the voice, wisdom and strength of Native values existing in our lineage;

  • Ensure a better future for the next seven generations.

Indigenous women veteran applicants for this year's gathering must live in California.

Program Guides

Eli PaintedCrow is the co-founder of Turtle Women Rising, and a US Army Iraq War veteran who holds a proud history from the Yaqui and Maya peoples. A mother of two veteran sons and a grandmother of 10, Eli is an advocate for veterans and Mother Earth. Using the knowledge inherited from her ancestors, she is committed to creating circles for women and supporting Indigenous peoples to strengthen our voices as we prepare for the changes of the planet and our government. Concern for the future generations has inspired her dedication at this crucial time.

Tina Marler, Drum Keeper for Turtle Women Rising, is of Eastern Cherokee and Irish descent and was a member of the Mankillers, a female Native American drum group. Tina has worked as a drug and alcohol counselor, and domestic violence counselor for United Indian Health Services in Arcata, CA, Hupa Tribe, Yurok Tribe, Bear River Tribe, and as the Tribal Victim Assistance coordinator for all tribes in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Currently, she is a substance abuse counselor for the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Trube, and also provides outreach services to the Native population in the Tuolumne County Jail. Tina is very grateful to be part of Turtle Women Rising and promote healing and balanced living for future generations.

Carla Woody is from a military family and worked for the US Air Force and Army for 17 years in logistics and leadership development. In 1999, she founded Kenosis LLC supporting human potential through life enhancement coaching, retreats and spiritual travel programs working with Indigenous leaders who serve their communities in Mexico, Central and South America and the US. Carla is certified as an advanced practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) ⎯ with special applications to health ⎯ hypnotherapy, family mediator, and Brainsweep interventions. In 2007, Carla founded Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit, to help preserve Indigenous traditions threatened with decimation.

Janet Harvey has worked for 23 years as a custody mediator in the public and private sectors, and as a night chaplain (nondenominational) in a major trauma center, in western North Carolina. This background provides her with long experience and insight into the human condition, from birth to death and all the joys and tragedies in between. She has the gift of working with people from all walks of life, ages, origins, economic status and orientation. For years she was a convener of the Family Violence Prevention Task Force, and assisted in creating the Family Visitation Center for supervised visitation. She has presented her workshop “Standing in the Fire” on the effects of trauma to helping professionals and lay people nationally. Janet is trained in Brainsweep interventions and is an associate of Kenosis.

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