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                                                                                  September 6,2015

An invitation to all who this gathering to support this fundraiser. We will also be selling Sam English Prints as a

fund raiser for Turtle Women Rising as we prepare for the first Indigenous Women Veterans gathering in

September, Ravels, and Turtle Women Rising T-shirts will be available. Come and this day with us as we

collaborate together in support of our community  work.




                                             September 15,2015

Join Turtle Women Rising as we bring our veterans drum to this important

discussion on Moral Injury; click on swords flyer below for more information on

time date and location.


Hosted by 

Swords to Plowshares' Institute for Veteran Policy


University of San Francisco's 


Leo T. McCarthy Center for

Public Service & the Common Good


The Peace & Justice Studies Program  


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM




Tuesday September 15, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM PDT



University of San Francisco

McLaren Conference Center

2130 Fulton Street

San Francisco, CA 9


Moral Injury and Veterans Symposium

Moral injury is now being recognized as a signature wound of the wars in Iraq and

Afghanistan but with roots as old as war itself. Veterans who have participated in or

witnessed intense human suffering and violence  may experience moral injury,

which extends beyond psychological effects to a veteran's spiritual, emotional, and

social belief system. This has a major impact on veterans' mental health and their

interactions with loved ones, community, and service providers.

The symposium will provide an opportunity for educators, students, primary and

behavioral health providers, faith-based communities, advocates and veterans to

examine this multi-layered framework;through presentations, panels, and facilitated

discussions. Attendees will increase their understanding of this profound wound

and become culturally and trauma-informed advocates for veterans.

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                                                                 September 24-27 2015

                                 Turtle Women Rising

              Indigenous Women Veterans Gathering

                                  Indigenous Women Veterans National Healing Circle

Greetings, our names are Lola Mondragón  and Eli PaintedCrow.  We are advocates for peace and for veterans.  At this is time, our energies move towards our Indigenous sisters who have served in the military and are ready for the next step in returning home.

We are organizing and coming together for our first gathering in Ojai, California on September 24-27 in 2015.  Our intention is to create a space that incorporates Native American healing traditions to help heal veteran women's bodies, minds, and spirits.  

This  gathering is about creating a sacred space for a sweat lodge ceremony, talking circle, drum circle, a cleansing ceremony and providing assistance for our sisters to apply for benefits (they are entitled to) with the VA. We will also assist in helping the participants find help to continue their healing back home. 

We will assist with travel stipends  to get everyone to our site and back home. We will provide meals for everyone participating  and honorariums for our medicine people.  We are trusting in the Creator and you to help us find a way where there is no way.

We are also trusting that communities and individuals will hear our call and step up to be supporters of this honorable endeavor.  We trust in the heartbeat of the mother who hears our cries and comforts our spirits when we call upon her with care and grace. 

This modality of relevant healing for our sister veterans transition from their military service to reintegration to being home is essential. It is our hope we will return home with our spirits full and in tact.   We are asking for donations to raise $25,000.00. To achieve this goal we are asking for your support to help us make this project a reality.

Please consider making a donation at:

Many Blessings


 All applications must be mailed faxes and emails are not accepted. All forms should be submitted as a packet. Partial Applications will not be accepted.  Please contact Lola Mondragon her contact information is listed on the Application letter. Application must be post marked by August 15,2015 That is the final date for application submission.  


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                                                  2014 Turtle Women Rising Gatherings


                             If you are interested in drumming with Turtle Women Rising Please contact: 


                 Barbara Warren ;    




                                                           Grandmothers Gathering 2014

The International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers is coming together for their

FIRST S GATHERING to pass on their wisdom and ways of connecting through

prayer and ceremony for our Mother Earth.  The Elders have been speaking of this time,

when women would rise together to ignite the Feminine Spirit on the planet. Our Mother is

calling us to restore balance, and to awaken our remembrance. On the Spring Equinox

2014 , we will gather on sacred lands in Yavasupai County, Arizona, where the Grandmother

Council will guide us to return home to ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth.


Our gathering will begin on  the Spring Equinox,  and the opening ceremony will be led by

the local Yavapai women, as they welcome us to the land in their traditional way. The

International Council of the Thirteen Grandmothers will follow initiating our sacred time

together with a ceremony to celebrate a turning toward a new way of being and doing: a

way that recognizes, honors, and builds upon the ways of our Ancestors.

We will be camping on magical lands alongside the banks of the beautiful Beaver Creek.  We

will be guided through a variety of ceremonies that represent the teachings and unique

Medicine lineages and traditions, in ways that invite us into our own personal and authentic

way of relating to and honoring our relationship with Mother Earth. On World Water Day,

we will pilgrimage to Montezuma Well and hold a Water Blessings Ceremony joining the

millions of others who will be uniting with us from their homes to pray for the waters


                                             THE CALL

For those that will not be able to physically join us, we are sending a call to women

everywhere to join us in  SPIRIT, in the sacred space of ceremony, in the name of our

Mother Earth. This place is where it all begins, in the feeling realm of intention, where we

can unite our thoughts for the greater good. It is time for us to wake up to our planetary

unity, and women will lead the way. We represent the feminine way, the beauty way, in our

remembrance, we return to our source. Like Thomas Berry said, our long motherless period

is coming to a close. When we refer to earth, as our Mother, we come into relation with her.

When we identify ourselves as her children,children of planet earth, children of the

universe, we treat her differently. Relationship needs tobe re-established. The title MOTHER

needs to return to EARTH.

So this movement is being seeded by women on the Spring Equinox 2014 at the first ever all

women’s gathering with the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous

Grandmothers. This powerful group of Grandmother Elders and Medicine women are

coming together from the four corners, to join in sacred ceremony and are sending out a

call: a collective call that many women have been hearing, and responding to. As we do this

work together, we energetically activate the feminine way, through ceremony, ritual and

prayer. So on World Water Day, March 22nd, 2014, if you feel called, join us in spirit. The

Grandmother Council has issued forth a water blessing ceremony that you can do from

where ever you are. May all our sacred hoops connect and activate the field of

consciousness that we are a part of. May we activate it with our prayers and with our love,

and our vision of a new world that cares for our Mother Earth and all living things. United



Via Roberto Flotte

2013 Drum Summit



We are making the first journey in over a year to Alturas California for a Native American Women’s Drum Summit. Questions of whether we could raise the money for the trip, the power of trust in the Creator never fails us. We have to remember that thing if we are to move forward in the knowing that this is what our job is to be. 

This is a beautiful journey heading towards a beautiful hidden land with the best drinking water ever. Arriving to the sound of drums as we reach our location, we are late but we are here. Next few days proof to be joyful, healing and the opportunity to develop a sisterhood of drummers sharing why they sing, why they drum.

We Turtle Women Rising drum for peace, drum for love,drum for justice, and invite our sisters to share in the vision that requires the heartbeat of all to raise the energy of awakening the soul, strengthening the voice of women who want to save our mother for future generations. 

Healing the hearts of those whose wound does not allow movement forward that serves all Looking for the next step to take that we can gather to build momentum for the growth of women’s voices that speak of peace that stand for the truth that needs no defending and stands only in the power of what is. I have the honor of bringing the next generation with me my niece who hears the drum and sheds the tears without know why only that her heart has been touched.

A silent promise to my Creator that I will share all that I know with her as long as she chooses this way to leave her with the medicine to be strong in her heart, her voice and her actions. May they carry one what these women have gifted her this day. We sit in the presence of three of the Mankiller Drummers. 

The way shower women who opened the doors for all of us to move from the drummers of our dreams to be the songs of today. Thank You for the courage to stand and change a way that better serves the people. We learn the women’s Eagle song. 

I hope I can remember this day, this song in my heart because my mind eludes me from the truth of what is and that is the Love of women conquers all and the songs heals. It is all I need to remember. Thank you Turtle Women Rising for taking me on this journey. You are all amazing women and I am proud to call you sisters. You have helped me heal in the most challenging times of my life, I am blessed to have you all, and you are in my heart.  Peace

Eli PaintedCrow
US Army Retired, SFC