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 Turtle Women Risings First Gathering for Peace 2008


 We Thank Don Alfredo Younnis and Myra Jackson for

beleiving in this vision and supporting our first gathering.

We offer gratitude to the International Council of the 13

Indigenous Grandmothers who showed up in many ways

and trusting this vision of peace. For all of you who came

and created a beatuiful gathering with song, laughter,

tears and prayers for humanity. We acknowledge those

who supported us at there home places all over the nation

and drummed with us in solidarity. We say thank you

for opening your heart space to this vision. We offer our

gratitude for the opportunity to pray this way and share

in building community.  Peace

Turtle Women Rising held a gathering in Washington, DC in 2008, in a Stand For Peace. We are

honored to share these images from 2008, and this song "New Way" with the invitation to join us in DC October 8-11,

 2010. New Way was a gift from a baby turtle, that was received by our sister Mz. imani white. We hope you will

learn this song and sing with us. Whether in DC, or at your home place, please sing and drum with us in solidarity.

Many Blessings to you, as we each do our part to help bring a new way to walk on the earth.

Mz. imani has recently released a new CD, for more info please contact her at

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